Leather Milk No. 1 Leather Conditioner

$29.95 AUD

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Using a light emulsion of oil and water, this leather conditioner provides the dual benefits of a rich, natural leather conditioner and a gentle leather cleaner.

Good for use on lighter-coloured and unfinished leathers with its less penetrating yet highly enriching effects, the Leather Milk No. 1 leather conditioner can also work very well on items that are regularly exposed to human touches, such as leather coats, bags, etc.

Check out this video to find out more about this conditioner which comes along with one (1) Leather Milk Applicator Pad.

For more information on how to use this product, please refer to the User Guide.

Capacity: 6oz (180ml)

Note: This formulation contains some nut extracts. We do not recommend you use Leather Milk if you have serious nut allergies. This product is also not for use on suede or extremely soft leather types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Annie Anderson

Easy to apply. Prompt shipping. Loved safety blurb on bottle. Would recommend.


Brought life back into a fine leather jacket that I had used alcohol on to remove mildew. Jacket is now supple, rehydrated and smells great.

Linda Newby
Superior product

It has given new life to my leather pants

S Nicolson
Love it

Used it on my deerskin gloves. It worked a treat, smells great and doesn’t feel horrible on my skin like a lot of products. Absolutely recommend it.

Liga Zarina
Excellent product

Used to product together with the brands leather cleaner for the dinning room and study chairs and it worked as a treat. As a unexpected bonus - the products smell quiet pleasant.