Leather Milk No. 5 Leather Furniture Conditioner

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Elevate the care of your leather furniture with Chamberlain's Furniture Treatment No. 5, a milky, water-based leather furniture conditioner designed to keep your beloved pieces looking and feeling their best.

  • Enrichment: This conditioner is formulated with leather-enriching ingredients that penetrate deeply into the leather to nourish and revitalise it, ensuring a healthy, supple, and new appearance.
  • Versatile Formula: It features oils that are lighter in weight compared to heavier oil types commonly found in other leather products. Its water-based formula makes it not only a conditioner but also a mild leather cleaner, providing comprehensive care for your leather furniture.

This conditioner is ideal for pieces that are frequently exposed to spills, stains, and human touch. With a generous capacity of 12oz (360ml), this conditioner is suitable for maintaining multiple pieces of leather furniture in your home.

The solution comes along with one Leather Milk Applicator Pad for convenient and even application.

Please note: This formulation contains nut extracts, so it's not recommended for individuals with serious nut allergies. Additionally, it's not suitable for use on suede or extremely soft leather types.

Size: 12 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Donna j
Repeat buyer

Lovely product
Quick delivery
Easy to apply , the applicator pads are great
Leather absorbs with no residue (lounge still feels the same +looks great again)
Product doesn’t have a perfume / odour
Will continue to purchase

Barb ara Mittag
Fórmula number 5

Very happy with the product and our leather sofa looks well restored.

Diana Rozen
Excellent stuff

Didn’t realise how dry my leather was until I used the conditioner. Now the leather is soft and supple.

Ben M
Great product, well recommended

This product has given my lounge back it’s soft feel and beautiful colour. One bottle is more than enough to treat a large 4 seater leather lounge. Knowing the great effect this product has makes me look forward to the next clean and condition I can give the best seat in the house!

Kim Mac
Fixed the problem

I had a most unusual problem. My beautiful new dining chairs started to shed. They are made from finely woven straps of leather and the manufacturer advised me they had probably dried out. I contacted little lasso for their advice which they promptly gave me so I ordered the product,, applied it which was very simple with the applicator and it’s fixed. My beautiful dining chairs no longer shed.