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We started the journey of LittleLusso in August 2015 and had been working hard to bring only high-quality leather care and protection products and information to people who’d like to take care of their leather.

Our story started when we were getting tired of not knowing how to take care of our personal belongings that are made of leather and suede. The many leather care products that we found on the shelves of supermarkets and varied techniques that we found on the Internet hadn’t helped much but instead confused us even more. It wasn’t before long that we realise our friends and families were feeling the same way too. We don’t want to throw away our much-loved leather prematurely anymore, so we decided to search for the answer ourselves so that we can share with people whom we know face the same challenges as us. 

The search led us to the setting up of LittleLusso where we get to dive in deeper into knowing and understanding leather more, as well as how to take good care of them. We don’t profess to be gurus, but we keep searching and testing. We hope you will find the right information and leather care products for your valued leather whether it’s bags, shoes, belts, jackets, or those seats in your spanking car or the classic leather furniture in your room.

We want LittleLusso to be more than just an online store, we envisage it to be your go-to place as well for all your leather care and resource needs. We want to keep improving and bringing you tips and information, as well as some of the best leather care products you can possibly find. So, do join us in the journey, come back to LittleLusso often to get new dose of information.



Care Guides

Make sure you're armed with the right advice to maximise the use of your leather cleaning and conditioning products, download your very own user guide below.        

Apple Brand Leather Care (Conditioner)

Leather Milk No. 1 Conditioner
Leather Milk No. 2 Cleaner
Leather Milk No. 3 Water Protectant
Leather Milk No. 4 Car Conditioner
Leather Milk No. 5 Furniture Conditioner
Saphir Shoe Care Guide     
Saphir Ultimate Shine Guide

In the meantime, some general rules on leather care and protection.





1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of dust, dirt, mildew and bacteria. Use your clean fingertip to gently rub out the scratch as the natural oils from your skin will remove most small scratches. To remove dirt, grime or surface residue, use a soft damp cloth. Gently rub for removal. For a deeper clean, use a cleaner to help preserve the natural lubricating oils instead of stripping them. Cleaning is an irreversible process and therefore, thorough consideration should be made before any such attempt. Do not use coloured rags that are not dye-colourfast as the dye may come off onto your leather. 

2. Maintaining

Leather loses suppleness in time if it is not provided with regular nourishment. Use a wax-free leather conditioner that will work on nourishing and restoring the flexibility and suppleness of your leather article. 

3. Storage

Leather is a natural material and should be stored in a breathable, non-plastic or non-porous container, to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria. If you have to store it in a garment bag, make sure to keep it open for ventilation. 

Avoid at all cost: