Apple Leather Care Cleaner & Conditioner Kit

$49.95 AUD

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A kit that includes everything you need to maintain your leather items, this made-in-USA Apple Leather Care Kit is designed to cover every aspect of leather care. Inside the reusable clear vinyl zippered bag, you'll find:

  • One Apple Leather Cleaner: A cleaner formulated with a blend of non-alkaline cleaning agents that can remove soil, grease, and oil from leather, leaving it refreshed and clean. 
  • One Apple Leather Conditioner: Safe to use on a wide range of leather and vinyl goods, this conditioner restores nourishment to your leather items, keeping them supple and well-maintained.
  • One soft shine cloth: Included in the kit is a soft shine cloth designed to help you apply the cleaner and conditioner, ensuring a pristine finish.

Each bottle in the kit has a capacity of 60ml (4oz). The kit also includes a care brochure to guide you through the leather care process, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Please note: The solutions are not suitable for use on suede, nubuck or extremely soft and delicate leather types. Use the cleaner sparingly. If in doubt, please contact us.

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