Leather Milk Cleaning Sponge

$13.95 AUD

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The Chamberlain’s Premium Leather Milk Applicator Sponges are ideal for applying Leather Milk products and ensuring the proper care and conditioning of your leather items.

  • Safe and Gentle: These applicator sponges provide a safe and gentle way to clean and condition your leather items. They are designed to work well with Leather Milk products, which are known for their high-quality and effective leather care solutions.
  • Optimal Application: Using the right applicator is crucial to ensure that the leather receives an even and consistent application of the product. These sponges are designed to help you achieve just that, allowing you to make the most out of your Leather Milk.

These applicator sponges are typically user-friendly, making it easy to apply leather care products without making a mess or wasting product.

While primarily designed for Leather Milk products, these applicator sponges can also be used with other leather care solutions, making them a versatile addition to your leather care toolkit.

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