Saphir Creme Cuir Gras - Oiled Leather Cream

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The Saphir Oiled Leather Cream is the ultimate care solution for your prized oiled leather possessions. Crafted by Saphir with precision and a deep understanding of leather care, this formulation is based on the goodness of natural neatsfoot oil and nourishing jojoba oil, making it an essential addition to your leather care arsenal.

  • Optimal Oiled Leather Care: It is specially designed to cater to cromexcel or oiled leather, ensuring it receives the care it truly deserves.
  • Wax-Free Formula: Unlike traditional leather care products, this product is completely wax-free. It's a great choice for oiled leather-based shoes and articles that demand a gentle touch.
Ideal for oiled leather items exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as unpredictable weather, this cream acts as a protective shield. 

Please note: This cream is exclusively meant for oiled, greased, or waxed leather, ensuring that your specific leather care needs are met with precision. 

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