Saphir Pate De Luxe

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Pâte de Luxe Saphir is Saphir's high-quality shoe polish with nourishing properties and the ability to enhance the appearance of leather goods. 

It's formulated with premium ingredients, including beeswax, carnauba wax (derived from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree), and turpentine (obtained from the distillation of pine resin). These ingredients are carefully selected for their beneficial properties in caring for leather.

In addition to nourishing, this polish forms a protective layer on the leather's surface. This protective barrier can help shield leather from environmental factors, including moisture and dirt, helping to prolong the life of your leather items.

While commonly used for shoes, Pâte de Luxe Saphir can be applied to a variety of leather goods, including boots, bags, belts, and more. Pâte de Luxe Saphir is definitely a trusted choice for those who appreciate the art of leather care and want to keep their leather items in excellent condition.

Size: 50ml

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Quality Product

The product range, information and ease of purchase are 2nd to none. As soon as I opened the tin of polish, I was taken back to my childhood by the aroma of a quality product.