Saphir Reno'Mat

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Experience Saphir Reno'Mat, your key to thorough cleaning and restoration of smooth leather.

This product is designed to remove any buildup of resins, waxes, silicones, and dirt that accumulate through regular use, helping you maintain the pristine condition of your leather goods.

With Saphir Reno'Mat, you can easily restore your leather items to their original condition by removing previous polish or silicone residue. It's an ideal choice for eliminating the effects of cheaper polishes, preparing your leather for the best use of Saphir products, and ensuring that your cherished leather items receive top-tier care.

Saphir Reno'Mat is safe to use on even the finest and most delicate leathers, but as with any solution, it's advisable to conduct a patch test on an inconspicuous area first.

Size: 100ml

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Customer Reviews

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It's good shit

Does exactly as described.

Great product

Great service from Little Lusso! I had a product from another brand that was very similar, it does what it needs to do which is nourish & clean the leather. It's done wonders on my oldest pair of shoes which have seen lots of wear & tear & were butchered with inferior product when I left them with a shoe 'repairer'. On a pair of tan coloured shoes I have seen some colour change although I'm not sure if that's from the RenoMat or the creme de soins, they are slightly darker now. As mentioned in another review; it smells so leave in an aired place overnight.

Rhod Webb

Very efficient; quick turnaround. Well packaged to prevent breakage

Great product but slow postage

Whilst the product itself was excellent, the item took over 1.5 weeks to arrive (SYD-BNE) - probably could have delivered it faster walking! In all fairness though, LL dispatched the order within 2hrs of order being placed but this AusPost delivery was slooooooooow.

Saphir Renomat - Good product

I used it to strip polish off a pair of recently purchased pre-owned loafers, worked like a charm! I'd suggest following the instructions and being careful not to use too much. Also, use in a well-ventilated area because it can produce strong fumes.