Suede. What do you do with it?
September 04, 2015

Suede. What do you do with it?

We like the nice fuzzy feeling when brushing our hands off suede and ahow lush it looks. But, owning anything that’s suede also means that we get paranoid about dirt, grease and water.

Suede is a porous material, which means it can “attract” and absorb stains rather quickly. So if you enjoy suede, you are pretty much left with no choice, but to take good care of it.

The reality is, if you know how to take care of suede, they are actually much easier to take care of than delicate leather. So, how easy is that? Here's the step-by-step:

  • Before treating suede, check if there're any dirt or traces of dampness on it. If it’s slightly damp, let it dry out naturally and completely before doing anything more.
  • If there’s dirt, use a clean, dry soft cloth to gently rub dirt off the bag and avoid any hard rubbing at all cost. A suede brush can also be used to gently clean out the dust and fine debris. It will, at the same time, restore the nap on the suede.
  • After the cleaning and protecting, brush the bag with a suede brush again so that its nap is restored. Remember to brush the surface in the direction that the naps tend to flow.

It’s that easy.