Saphir Medaille d'Or vs. Beaute du Cuir: Choosing the Right Leather Care
November 11, 2023

Saphir Medaille d'Or vs. Beaute du Cuir: Choosing the Right Leather Care

As a leather shoe lover, if you wish to find out the difference between Saphir Medaille d'Or (MDO) and Saphir Beaute du Cuir (BDC), you've come to the right place! 

Saphir Medaille d'Or

Medaille d'Or (MDO) represents the pinnacle of Saphir's leather care products. This is a premium choice that you should consider if you own high-end leather goods like luxury shoes, bags, or belts. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Premium ingredients: MDO products are crafted from the finest natural ingredients, containing no harmful chemicals. They feature a blend of waxes, oils, and pigments that deeply nourish and protect leather.
  • Comprehensive range: The MDO line offers various products, including creams, waxes, conditioners, and polishes, each designed for different leather types and purposes. This versatility makes it suitable for various leather care needs.
  • Exceptional shine: MDO is celebrated for its ability to restore and enhance leather's natural shine. It's perfect for maintaining the elegance of high-end leather goods.
  • Gentle care: If you own delicate or exotic leather items, MDO provides gentle and effective care without causing any damage.

Saphir Beaute du Cuir (BDC)

Beaute du Cuir, or BDC, is another Saphir product line that offers quality leather care products at a more accessible price point. Here's what you need to know:

  • Affordable option: BDC products are generally more budget-friendly than MDO, making them suitable for individuals seeking good leather care on a budget.
  • Versatile range: The Beaute du Cuir line includes various leather care products, such as creams, conditioners, and polishes, catering to different types of leather and their unique requirements.
  • Effective maintenance: While BDC may not deliver the same level of luxury care as MDO, it still effectively cleans, nourishes, and protects your leather items, keeping them in good condition.
  • Everyday items: BDC is an excellent choice for everyday leather goods like casual shoes, wallets, belts, and more. It offers cost-effective care without compromising quality.

Choosing the Right Line of Saphir

The Medaille d'Or and Beaute du Cuir choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your leather items' quality, budget, and care requirements. Medaille d'Or is the way to go if you own high-end leather goods and demand the best care. Beaute du Cuir provides adequate care for everyday or budget-conscious items to keep them looking their best.

Saphir offers quality leather care solutions for various leather types and budgets. Whether you choose MDO for its premium quality or BDC for its affordability, we have your back. 

Search for your BDC range here in Little Lusso. For MDO, head over to The Dapper Assembly today!