5 leather furniture care tips you don't want to miss
May 08, 2016

5 leather furniture care tips you don't want to miss

Who doesn't like that beautiful piece of leather couch or elegant, classic leather furniture that we see in the showroom? But many are hesitant to buy thinking that leather is hard to care for. Why, yes and no. All you need really is just a bit of time, and a bit of care. Here are some tips that we found it useful through our own experience. 

Condition the leather. Leather needs your care to make sure it's not going to crack. Slap it with leather conditioner every now and then, but be careful not to overdo it. Give our Leather Milk Furniture Treatment a try if you like.

Wipe up that spill. If spills occur, quickly wipe it off with a piece of clean cloth. Remember not to use the normal cleaning supplies, for example, soaps, detergents, solvents, etc.

Regular dusting. Much like vacuuming your carpet or sweeping that floor, regular dusting and vacuuming on your leather furniture and couch is highly recommended to avoid dust and dirt piling.

Avoid direct sunlight exposure. When deciding where to place your leather furniture, remember never to place them in direct sunlight. Its colour will fade and crack may happen in no time. 

Rescue from minor scratches. If you are skilful with your fingers, gently buff the scratch. Use a chamois if you feel like it.

We hope you find these easy tips useful. If you have more, do share with us, so that we can also share the love and knowledge with everyone here!