Not all leather scratches are created equal!
September 11, 2016

Not all leather scratches are created equal!

Some say slight facial scars can be attractive. But we doubt anyone would say likewise for scratches on their leathers! No one wants it to happen on their leather, but if it does (and usually it cannot be avoided once or twice in its lifetime), you got to have some remedies on hand. 

No single method of leather care will work on all item, so always test-treat a hidden spot on your leather before doing it on a large-scale basis. So, depending on how minor or major the scuff or scratches are, you have a few plans to evaluate. 

  • If it's a scuff, you may consider using an eraser. Many of our customers said they used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and have lots of success. This stuff is quite handy and can also clean scuffs off many other household appliances and car too!
  • If it's not a big scuff or scratch, you can try dabbing the area with some distilled white vinegar to swell the scratch. Buff the leather with a colourless shoe polish (think Saphir) when dry. Some may try to fill in the scratch with a felt-tip pen in the same colour, but we suggest that you don't try unless you are 100% confident about it.
  • Unfinished and suede often tend to rub away easier than finished. Sometimes, a bit of easy rubbing and elbow grease should be enough to take out unfinished scuffs. But if it doesn't work, you will have to use a plan A above (for unfinished leather), or suede brush (for suede). You will want to do this really gently. 
  • To repair deep scuff marks and scratches, you could also use an effective repair cream such as Saphir Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream, a resin-based cream that works wonder on smooth leather. 

Once the treatment is done, remember to nourish the leather with the right leather conditioner to re-introduce moisture into the leather fabric to keep it breathing. Simply apply the conditioner lightly and evenly over the scratches or marks, let it dry out for at least 15-20 minutes before buffing it off. Some uneven drying may occur, so you may like to perform your regular cleaning and conditioning routine whilst doing so. 

However way you choose to repair your leather, always remember to test it in a hidden area of the leather. If you are not confident in performing it on your own, get a friend who may know how to do it, or you might have to send to a leather repair shop.