Finding the Cinderella of shoe brushes
December 18, 2018

Finding the Cinderella of shoe brushes

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me which brush should I use to buff or to remove polish?

Well, polish or wax brushes are aplenty in the market, and there are those that are horsehair, pig bristle and synthetic bristle. So, which is which and how to use them? 

  • Generally, pig bristle brushes have stiffer bristle hence suited for textured leathers such as pebble grain or or some reptillian skins and/or shoes with elaborated decorative performations, seams and grooves.The bristle will allow polish or dirt buildup to be removed much effectively. 
  • Given its softer texture, horsehair brushes, are mostly use for cleaning and buffing as it would not scratch leather. It will have good polishing and cleaning effect due to the variable hair thickness and density as well as its ability to absorb shoe cream and polishes better.

What to take note of - 

  • When using natural brushes such as horsehair or pig bristle - we need to be aware that such brushes can lose hair as it breaks off or ages. So, don't worry when you start seeing it losing hair as you use more of it. 
  • Remember to use the different coloured-hair brushes for shoes with different colours to avoid colour-mix. E.g., do not use the brushesmeant for black/dark brown shoes and that for biege, green, blue shoes, etc. 

You may also find goat hair brush, suede brush, and many other types when it comes to leather brushes.

Find the right one and it will bring you far in caring for your leather! Or simply check this out!