Leather care in summer
November 27, 2016

Leather care in summer

We are fast approaching summer here Down Under and according to the weatherman, we are bracing for the hot weather as we could be expecting a hotter-than-average December! Whilst everyone is rushing for the pool, drinking cold beer or cider, you leather-lover might just be thinking about what to do with your thirst-deprived leather? Well, we have just the right tips for you to make sure that leather of yours stay well through this hot season!

Increase treatment frequency: Some regions in Australia can be drier with lower humidity, so make sure you increase the treatment of your leather as often as every four to six weeks depending on your usage of the leather piece.

Stay out of direct sunlight: Make sure that your leather (especially those in your car or your bag and shoes) stays out of direct sunlight as it can affect it to the point of dramatic fading and dryness and eventually cracking!

Don’t forget that suede: Brush that suede to restore its nap, remove dirt and grime. It’s that easy!

Careful storage of leather: There are so much you can do to keep that leather boots or jackets well during summer.

First, consider using a dehumidifier when the humidity in the house is high

Second, wrap your leather jacket or clothing in acid-free paper so that it can serve as a protection against moisture, dust and dirt. Most importantly keeping the shape.

Third, store leather in a breathable bag (not garbage bag please!) so that air is able to pass through it.

Fourth, store in a not too moist and not too dry place and avoid having it knocked around by other clothes or belongings you have.

So here you go, enjoy the coming summer!