Sneaker shoe care and cleaner
December 02, 2018

The 3 Yes's & No's of sneaker care

Designer-sneakers are now highly coveted by many around the world. And whilst you try to get your hands on those sleek kicks, think about how to care for them too!

As we tread along the streets with those fresh new kicks, there’s absolutely no guarantee that they aren’t going to get the scuffing, dust and dirt, as well as discolouration as you wear them more.

So, here're some simple 1-2-3 that we can all start taking note of.

  • Keeping it clean

Whether it’s new or old, your sneakers deserve a clean once you wear them. Make sure you use a microfibre cloth because its split fibres will allow it to hook onto dust and dirt much better than normal cloths. Simply dip your microfibre loth in lukewarm water and wipe any stains, dust or dirt off your sneakers. When cleaning, remember to remove laces. Note: If your sneaker is of suede or nubuck material, use a suede brush to get ride of dust and dirt instead of water.

  • Give it a fresh look

Many of us probably wouldn’t give the shoelaces much thought. But did you know that by giving your sneakers a pair of new laces, and taking the old ones out for a good warm water soaking could do lots of wonder?

  • Store it right

Storing the sneakers will not only prevent dust build-up but also avoid direct-sunlight exposure. You can either keep them in their original box or a shoe bag. Remember to air them regular as moisture can be a big problem to smell and also creating that yellow hue to the white soles (if you have them).

There’re also 3 “No’s” when it comes to sneaker care.

  • It’s tempting to simply want to throw that sneakers into the washing machine and let it roll, but don’t! That prized sneakers of yours could just be damaged due to the spinning motion of the machine as well as the heat it generates! Not even when it gets caught in a murky pad, try some deeper cleaning with sneaker cleaner.
  • No to direct sunlight exposure unless discolouration is what you want. Pigmentation of the sneakers’ fabric or fibre will change when expose. If you aren’t putting your leather shoes underneath the sun why would you do so for sneakers?
  • Don’t be lazy when it comes to spot-cleaning and caring for your sneakers regularly because your efforts can only bring you a long-lasting, vibrant-looking sneakers for a long time to come.

So, good luck to that pair of new sneakers!