Leather shoe laces that work for you
November 14, 2019

4 aspects of dress shoelaces

Have you ever looked close enough at your shoelaces? 

Whilst they don’t usually attract much attention, it’s useful to know what a pair of good laces can do to your shoes and overall style! In fact, laces not only exist in multiple colours (we know that!) but many different forms and shapes as well. 

Here're a few quick points that we'll like to share with you.

Length: How to choose the right length of your shoelaces for dress shoes?

That depends on the number of eyelets on your shoes. A pair of dress shoes typically has about 2 to 6 rows of eyelets. Some say having a standard 80-cm laces should cover your need for all types of shoes. But here are also some who reckon that if your shoes have only 2 eyelets, you will typically require laces that are approximately 45-cm long and those with 6 will need laces that are about 90-cm long. If you’re looking for laces for boots, you may find the 180-cm laces very useful. Well - the choices are up to individual. 

Finish: To wax or not to wax.

This is a question we heard often from our customers. If you've also done your research, you'll find that waxed laces are usually recommended for formal Oxfords and Derbys, and for lower lace-up shoes. And, the unwaxed laces are usually for suede or less formal derby. Having said that, unwaxed laces are highly versatile and can also be paired with dress shoes as long as it fits. Pros and cons? Well, waxed laces are usually water-resistance and have better lasting capability with a shiny surface, the unwaxed laces come with a very interesting texture. 

Material: Natural or synthetic

From ancient time, laces were made of many natural materials including cotton, hemp and leathers. As we progress to modern days, we see more synthetic materials used as some might say it’s more durable. But whilst durability is one factor that can be contested, the synthetic can also come undone easier than natural fibre-based laces. Hence, the reason why many go for natural fibre-based laces, ie, cotton, etc. 

Style: Pick the flat, round or broad?

According to some style advices that we've read, different shoe styles will need different types of laces, but here are a general guide: Flat shoelaces are usually best suited for casual shoes (flat laces are sometimes used to wear with evening wear but the materials need to be silk instead of cotton) and trainers whilst smart dress shoes look better with round laces.

So here you go - At the end of the day, you don't have to follow rules. As long as it looks awesome, that's what matters!

At LittleLusso, we provide Saphir's cotton (waxed and unwaxed) laces and endeavour to bring more varieties for customers. So if you have any preferred brands that you want to see in LittleLusso, email us at info@littlelusso.com and we'll work on it!