Are you sitting comfortably?
August 29, 2021

Are you sitting comfortably?

Leather couch and sofa. Most of us would never have thought that we could spend so much time on them pre-pandemic, but now they seems to be our best friend as we stay indoor a little more than usual!

As we sit or lie on our leather couch and sofa regularly, we could be diminish the leather's natural properties. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't sit or lie on them, it simply means you need to give them a treat every now and then so that they can be refreshed, rejuvenated and stay soft and supple for a long time to come. 

So, how do we do that? 

In another article 5 leather furniture care tips you don't want to miss, we share some tips on how to maintain your leather furniture. Now, we want to show you why Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 5 could be part of your arsenal to protect your leather furniture. 

  • The Leather Milk Formula no. 5 is specially developed for leather furniture conditioning. It is an all-natural blend of oil and nutrients to compliment leather's natural texture without overloading it with toxic chemicals.

  • It is a pH-balanced formulae with a cream texture that proves to be easy when using and also for maximum absorption. Well, it helps that its smell can be rather fragrant too when you are applying it onto your leather furniture. 

  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the United States, this solution is made with FDA-approved, ingredients safe for human skin. 

As much as we love Chamberlains Leather Milk No. 5 for our leather couches, there are certain things that it won't be. 

  • It's not a deep cleanser. It's a conditioning solution. If the leather furniture needs some cleaning of spills and whatnot. You need to treat it before the spill gets absorbed into the leather fibre. Have a Leather Milk No. 2 Straight Cleaner on standby. 

  • It doesn't protect leather furniture from frequent sunlight. If you are placing your leather furniture near the windows or places where direct sunlight is frequent, the drying out and discolouration may happen quicker than usual. Try moving your leather furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • We can't prevent scratches on the leather furniture, but we can treat it with a healing balm, it is a heavy-duty restoration formula that focuses on leather's surface aesthetic better than any regular conditioners. It fills up the leather's pores with conditioner to get the texture back on track. 

So here it is, we hope this quick note will help all of us who want to spend more time on our leather furniture!